Patreon is officially launched.
Greetings, Arms Dealers!

Thank you so much for being patient with us while we were busy fixing our Patreon.

Everything is finally fixed, and we are happy to announce that our Patreon is officially launched and with it – our new Development Build that will be available for our Patrons!

We tried to keep it simple this time but if you have any questions about Patreon or how it works with ATTT - please have a look at the patreon-faq channel. There you will find answers to some questions and if something is still unclear after that – just ask us!

Last but not least, here is a brief list of what you can expect to find in the first Development Build:
• Extended in-game time – now the game extends beyond 1914!

• A new country to trade with – France joins the Allies

• New campaign and battles have emerged in the Middle East

• New rival and enemy tanks are awaiting on the battlefields

• New type of contract available: “Resupply”

• Reshaped UI of the Factory grounds and Battles to improve the gameplay

• Multiple fixes and improvements • More events and challenges

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