Patch v0.11.01 Released.

Greetings, Arms Dealers!

A new hotfix patch is due today! This time we focus on some of the most annoying bugs and did some rebalancing as well. As always, hope that these changes will make the game more enjoyable and that you will share your thought with us!


--> Fixed the bug with the wrong expenses for maintenance and employees

--> Fixed the bug that allowed indefinite in-game time

--> Fixed the UI’s overlay bug for USA diplomacy window

--> Fixed the bug with absent tanks in Museum

--> Fixed the bug with mismatched tank tracks in some battles

--> Fixed the wrongly applied reputation during the Re-Supply contracts

-->More typos nailed


--> Minor rebalance of Speaking tubes modifier

--> Minor rebalance of Distributed fuel tanks modifier

--> Minor rebalance of Telescope sight modifier

--> Minor rebalance of Durable water hose modifier

--> Reduced mass cost per engineering point with 50%

--> New rubber supplier and adjustment of safety factor for the existing one