Development Build v0.12.03 is now available!

Greetings, Arms Dealers!

The next update of the Dev Build is finally released, and it brings some substantial changes!

In a nutshell, this update will give the players an opportunity to get the first look at the new Tank Design process, overhauled UI and new looks of the Factory Ground:

-->Parametric tank component design: That is right, you can literally design unique components, by experimenting with length, width, height, calibre, roller and cylinder counts and other parameters. Modificators have also remained in the game, so you can fine-tuned you tank even further now!

-->Closer integration of Design Bureaux and Engineering workshop: Now, you can create the blueprints of your components based on the designed tank. This way you can streamline your tank design and make a better planning for your Research and Engineering activities

-->Complete overhaul of the UI: We have listened to your feedback and critics of the existing UI and we are making a complete overhaul of it. Now you can see a first iteration and see the direction we are heading towards.

-->3D Factory Grounds: As promised, the Factory Ground has been recreated in full 3D. Every expansion, improvement and even daily activities will be represented making it a truly living and dynamic environment. For the time being, only two building are unlocked, and we are still working on many details that has not made it in the current build yet.

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