Dev. Build v3. Wip

Greetings, Arms Dealers!

We are happy to share with you the next Update to the Development Build!

This build will introduce multiple improvements to Factory Ground, Engineering, Design and Proving Grounds! To make it short, we won’t list most of the fixed bugs (and that list was big thanks to Dev. build nature) but focus on the actual improvements introduced in the game to make it better and more fun to play.

Factory Grounds:

  • Engineering Building and the surrounding Facilities have been now finalized! A complete industrial quarter is now available composed of the main building and 12 unique facilities each with it’s own looks and functionality.


  • Whippet and Hornet tank models added to the flock
  • Nordenfelt QF 6-pounder gun is added to the arsenal
  • All modification now appears attached or mounted to parent component
  • A new feature, “Adaption” is now introduced allowing to further tune your modifications
  • All modifications are now displayed in the hierarchical fashionA new feature, “X-ray” is now introduced for visualization of the modification located inside the component
  • Enhanced camera and lighting for selected modifications
  • Added text tooltips


  • Fixed the bug limiting the creation of multiple Designs
  • New Design Defects mechanics is introduced coupled to limiting parameters such as Mass , Internal volume, Crew Requirements and others
  • Possibility to easily shift Design and Engineering with pre-selected components
  • Possibility to seal turret, gun and machinegun mounting points
  • Improved “Expendables” (Shells, Fuel, Ammo) representation
  • Added text tooltips
  • Add supports for tank models

Proving Ground:

  • Improved HUD
  • Animated Weapon selector
  • Mission Summary window
  • Performance optimization

As before, we hope to receive your feedback and we also wish to thank you for titanium patience and faith with us during the last months!

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