Development Diary: Tank manufacturing

Greetings, Arms Dealers!

Today, we wanted to talk about a different gameplay element that is crucial for a tycoon game about tanks. Namely, tank manufacturing!

We have already released several screenshots that show how the Production Hall has changed, but we haven't yet shown how managing the production cycle will truly feel. What are the drawbacks and advantages?

In the demo, production was far more straightforward, and the player only needed to make sure that the necessary personnel and supplies were available to produce tanks. We are now introducing production technologies to make the Production more captivating and immersive.

There will be a total of nine production technologies, ranging from milling and rifling to riveting and casting. Your goal will be to make sure you find the right balance when designing a new tank and equipping your Production Hall since each component will place a particular demand on one or more production techs.

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