Dev. Build v4. Released

Greetings, Arms Dealers!

Finally, we are happy to share the next Update to the Development Build!

This build will introduce multiple improvements to Factory Ground, Engineering and Reverse-Engineering, Design and Proving Grounds! As before, we won’t be listing the fixed bugs but highlight the actual improvements introduced in the Build.

Factory Grounds:

  • Building highlights, name tags and status are now added displaying allocated employees, administrators and active projects
  • Introduced cinematic view of each constructed facility
  • Multiple enhancements of the exterior looks of the Main buildings
  • Production industrial quarter with 12 surrounding Facilities have now been now finalized!


  • Reverse-Engineering mechanics is now unlocked!
  • LK2 and A7V tanks are now available for disassembly
  • Various German tank components are now unlocked via Reverse-Engineering to experiment with
  • Major enhancements to lighting inside the buildings
  • A new “blue-print” shader is added, differentiating components that have been engineered from the “draft” ones
  • A new “alloy” shader is added, visualizing selected “alloy type”
  • Enhanced tooltips with numerical information


  • Possibility to create hybrid “German/British” tank design!
  • WIP version of Design Defects mechanics and their amendment
  • Possibility to paint your tanks including camouflage patterns
  • Possibility to seal turret, gun and machinegun mounting points
  • Enhanced tooltips with numerical information

Proving Ground:

  • You can now Test-Drive your own Tanks!
  • Further improvement to HUD
  • Animated Weapon selector for MG’s
  • Further performance optimization
Please do not forget to share your feedback with us – this is invaluable for us!

Few words on the next build, we intend to put all the focus in the Tycoon components of the game. So, fully functional Production Hall, Warehouse, Administration and Research quarters.

Thank You so much for all your support!
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