Closed Alpha Started!

Greetings, Arms Dealers!

Thank you for supporting our project!
We are extremely thrilled to finally start the Alpha testing.

So, what can you expect from Alpha?

To be honest, a great deal. An Alpha build is typically viewed as being relatively raw and lacking many fundamental features. In our case, however, alpha players will be able to test most of the functions on the Factory Grounds, including Research, Engineering, Design, Administration, Warehouse, Contracts, and even Military ampaigns against a variety of opponents.

The Grand Map remains locked. This should not discourage you from creating your own tanks, for Britain critically needs new armaments to help it change the course of the war!

Time to begin your journey as the owner of a Tank Factory during the early days of the Great War!

And don't forget to provide your Feedback and fill in the Survey; together, we can make Arms Trade Tycoon Tanks better!