Dev Update 1

Greetings Arms Dealers!
This time we want to show you a bit of the status of our game so far, so welcome to our first Developer Update.
We've considered for some time now where we should start... since there are so many things we want to share with you :))... we eventually decided that we would start from the most central part of the game: Factory grounds or simply - the "base". This is the place where everything starts, so let’s start this developer update with it as well.
The Factory grounds consists of several buildings that you can enter and conduct numerous activities in: research, engineering, production, design and more. It all started with a rough sketch and a desire to have it brought to life and to make it authentic. After multiple iterations and creativity brainstorming - we have nailed it.
The Factory is alive, Tanks are tested on the trial range, materials are being delivered and freshly produced tanks are ready to be shipped to meet the upcoming challenges!
Stay tuned and don't miss our upcoming gameplay video, explaning more of that you can see on the factory grounds window.